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Improving Your Production Line

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Working In A Desert Environment With An Air Compressor? The Oil Filter May Be Affected

Working with an air compressor in a desert environment can be a major challenge. For example, it can cause your oil filter to get dirty and create other issues that must be addressed. Thankfully, it is possible to take out an air compressor oil filter and get it replaced without much difficulty. 

Running An Air Compressor In A Dirty Area Increases Its Filthiness

Working in a desert environment creates many difficulties that can be hard to overcome. One of the more problematic of these is the sand. For example, your air compressor can easily draw sand into its system and spread dirt and other contaminants throughout its various parts.

Thankfully, the oil filter should be able to capture many of these contaminants and prevent serious issues. Unfortunately, your oil filter is likely to get even more dirty than normal in a desert and cause efficiency issues that require immediate attention.

This Issue Can Affect Efficiency

The oil filter in an air compressor helps to remove any hard dirt or other contaminants that may have made their way into the oil. These contaminants can cause grinding issues in your air compressor and make it more difficult for it to run properly. As a result, your compressor efficiency will drop and your oil filter will need to be changed.

This step is crucial because it not only improves your efficiency but prevents serious damage. That's because contaminants can quickly spread through your air compressor motor and air valves and cause minor scuffs and scrapes that become more serious over time. And before you swap out your filter, make sure that you take the time to prepare the system before simply swapping in a new oil filter for your air compressor.

You Should Shut Down And Depressurize The Air Compressor Before Starting

One issue that many may run into when they try to swap out a dirty air compressor oil filter is a failure to depressurize the system. This step goes beyond simply shutting down the compressor but opening up the air tank and letting a little air out. When you do this, you allow your system to let go of excessive pressure in a safe way.

It is also essential to take the oil filter out in an area that isn't dirty. Working in a desert may make this more difficult, but it can be done. Try to find a sealed-off garage in which you can work. Keep the door closed to prevent dirt from getting into the filter and your compressor and compromising its integrity.

These simple steps don't require a lot of work to do and provide you with the ability to clean out an air compressor oil filter with little issue. So don't hesitate to try it out if you think that your air compressor may have been compromised by the dirt in a desert environment.