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Improving Your Production Line

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4 Reasons Why Aluminum Compressor Seals Should Be Your Top Choice

Machines have many parts to keep them running, and seals are used to secure some of these parts together without allowing air or fluid to leak out. In fact, seals are one of the most important parts of a machine, because any leaks of air or fluid would render the machine useless. If a compressor seal in one of your hydraulic machines breaks, you may be thinking about replacing it with a seal made of stainless steel, copper, or bronze. This may not be the best idea. Instead, check out the compressor seals made of aluminum. There is good reason why aluminum seals are the most common and the most popular type of compression seal currently on the market. Keep reading to learn 4 of the reasons why aluminum compressor seals should be your top choice when shopping for a replacement seal for your hydraulic machine:

1. Corrosion Resistant

Iron and other metal rusts when exposed to air and other elements. Fortunately, aluminum doesn't rust at all. Actually, when aluminum is exposed to air or other corrosion-promoting agents, the surface of the metal corrodes and creates a thin layer of aluminum oxide. This new layer on the surface of the aluminum prevents it from getting rusty. In fact, it won't corrode any further after the layer of aluminum oxide forms. This characteristic alone makes aluminum an ideal material for compressor seals.

2. Stronger In Cold Environments

If the area your machine is located can get very cold, you live in a cold area of the country, or your machine requires very cold fluids or air to work, then you'll want to have aluminum seals. This is because aluminum doesn't become brittle and break apart when exposed to cold air like most other types of metals. Surprising to many people, aluminum becomes stronger when the temperatures drop. Because of this behavior, aluminum is the top choice of metal for hydraulic machines in the aerospace industry.

CAUTION: Aluminum's strength decreases when exposed to high temperatures, especially when the temperature is over 100°C. So if your machine operates in an area where the temperature can get high, then you shouldn't use an aluminum compression seal.

3. Non-Magnetic

Many metals are magnetic, including iron, nickel, and steel. But aluminum is not magnetic. When a metal is exposed to a magnetic field and becomes magnetized, it can disrupt a machine's instruments and the machine will stop working properly. If your machine is used anywhere near a magnetic field, then your logical choice is to use aluminum seals to ensure that any nearby magnetic fields won't disrupt your machine's operation.

4. Malleable

If you need a seal that has a unique shape and is very strong, you may be considering purchasing a steel seal. You may want to reconsider this decision, because aluminum is much more malleable and elastic than steal and is also very strong. If you're looking for a simple circular seal of a common size or shape, then malleability won't be an important factor to you. But if you need a custom compressor seal of a unique shape, then malleability is very important. Aluminum can be molded into countless shapes and sizes, which can't be done with steel. And even when bent and warped into a custom seal design, aluminum retains its strength.

Aluminum is the most abundant type of metal found in the earth's crust, and it's the second most widely used metal in the entire world. It's popularity is mainly because aluminum doesn't behave like like other typical metals. It has unique properties and characteristics that make it the ideal material to make compressor seals. Some of these characteristics include superior malleability, low weight, high corrosion resistance, and strength. So, if you need a new compressor seal for your hydraulic machine, then use an aluminum seal. If you'd like more information, or if you have any questions about aluminum compressor seals, then contact a machinery supply store or hardware store like Phoenix Specialty. They will be happy to help you.